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Single Seat Charters
Between Dutch Harbor & Anchorage

Finding a charter seat is brutally time consuming.
Stop wasting hours of your life and join Alaska Travel Co-op today.
Let us find seats for you.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up. 

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Text Nate at 917-208-3060

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Why Join ATC ?

For Companies - Save Time & Money

We base your membership on the number of positions you have in Dutch Harbor. 

Let's say you have 100 spots on a few boats and you charter 20 flights a year. Right off the bat we can save you up to 58% of your membership fee (70% if you pay up front/monthly) just with our discounts alone. 

Then we'll sell any empty seat and pass along everything but our costs along to you. Even at discounted prices, we'd only have to sell 12.5 Seats a year to pay for your entire ATC membership. 

Chances are joining ATC makes you money. 

Plus, you free up your talented, well paid staff from the hassle of booking charter flights. And for the times you only need a seat or two, you'll have any open seat we manage - again saving you time and money. 

For Individuals, 
Small Businesses, or Boats: 

Same reason: Save time and money. How much do you value your time? When you need a seat do you enjoy calling around or posting to facebook? For the price of a couple cops of coffee a month, just let us handle the leg work. 

And when the weather get's bad, you'll have us looking out for you. We'll be ahead of the weather. If the airport closes for a few days, give yourself the best chance of flying as soon as it's safe. Saving a single day of travel delay can pay for a few years or more of membership in terms of hotel, food, or lost wages. 

Have you ever missed a day of fishing or even an entire season due to travel headaches? How much did that cost you? Can you really afford not to give yourself the best shot of finding a seat quickly when the weather goes south? 

Join ATC

Questions? Email Nate:

Alaska Travel Co-op
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