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Single Seat Charters Made Simple

Need a charter seat between Dutch Harbor and Anchorage? Don't have endless time to spend on facebook or calling around? 

Let us do the leg work for you. Members tells what they need and we find them the best option available.
It's that simple

Join ATC

Right now think of Alaska Travel Co-op as your personal travel advocate. Travel between Dutch Harbor and Anchorage is stressful enough. Today Alaska Travel Co-op will take make it easier by handling your travel needs. But if we keep growing, soon we'll be able to bring the change our community is dying for.

It may seem far fetched today, but bigger planes and even a longer runway become possible if we band together as a group. 

It's easy to ignore a single traveler. It's impossible to ignore a couple thousand of us. Safe, cheap, and more reliable air service is in our long as you join Alaska Travel Co-op. 

Join ATC

Trouble signing up? 
Text Susana at 907-359-2771




Alaska Travel Co-op
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