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Is Alaska Travel Co-op the real deal?

For 30+ years, The CEO of ATC has solved problems for people who live and work in Dutch Harbor. He started Alaska Wireless, bringing the first affordable cell service to our remote community. He also founded Sundance Stevedoring and Pacific Stevedoring, ensuring your catch makes it to market. Like you, he's had it with the top-secret standby list. So he founded ATC to get you in the air ASAP. ATC is the real deal, built and run with decades of experience getting things done in Dutch Harbor.


Before Alaska Wireless, calls to Seattle cost $0.75/min. Today, calls are unlimited. That's the track record and scope of the vision we're bringing to Alaska Travel Co-op. 

How much will my flight cost?

One way fares between Dutch Harbor and Anchorage will vary. At first they will have a target price of $650 each way. But, this is where your support plays such a critical role. If you help ATC grow, then your co-op membership becomes more valuable. The more members ATC has, the more likely it is that we'll fly planes full. That's how we can work together to lower the cost of an ATC charter flight.

What about my kids?

Bring them along! There is no membership fee for the children of members. As long as they are under the age of 18, you only have to pay for their seat cost. Raising a family is hard enough. If you and your kids are stuck trying to fly... you all need to get where you need to be.


There are only two rules: Children must fly with their legal guardian or another member over the age of 18 designated as caretaker by their legal guardian. Their legal guardian or caretaker must be an ATC member.

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Trouble signing up? 
Text Susana at 907-359-2771

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